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Sheila King Reiki House & Quantum Shift - Lht <strong>Dance</strong> Aura-<strong>Soma</strong>

Sheila King Reiki House & Quantum Shift - Lht Dance Aura-Soma It was not until I heard “blah blah Adirondack-” that I started paying attention. Since its 'birth' in 1984, Aura-Soma, a therapy combining color, essential oils and crystals, has gained hundreds of thousands of followers on 3 continents.

Serena – Bio - Awaken Integration

Serena – Bio - Awaken Integration Having already studied folk dances of other regions, she tried a class in Middle Eastern dance in Iowa City, Iowa, and discovered a passion for it. She is a twice certified Hoop Dance Instructor, certified Danyasa Yoga. Her love of healing arts brought her to the Soma Institute in Buckley WA. here in Portland and share this magic with as many souls she can touch!

Sacred Circle <strong>Dance</strong> Community Home page

Sacred Circle Dance Community Home page U-Vorate is a hh energy, low impact cardio class that gives the participants the space to work at their own pace. Sacred Circle Dance is an Ecstatic Dance Community that has been meeting to dance together in Portland, Oregon every Sunday -- for over a decade. "". and then again on Thursday evenings from pm - pm at Soma Space in NE.

Doughnut Disco Doughnut Disco <u>Dance</u> Party @ <u>SoMa</u> StrEat.

Doughnut Disco Doughnut Disco Dance Party @ SoMa StrEat. We are a warm and welcoming of dancers who love to create something really special together. Doughnut worry, be happy because the SoMa StrEat Food Park is throwing a Doughnut Disco Dance Party! Break out your grooviest stretchy pants, put on your.

Ecstatic <i>Dance</i> In <i>Portland</i>

Ecstatic Dance In Portland Shira’s journey with Middle Eastern dance began in 1981. Ecstatic Dance in Portland. Click here to subscribe to the Sacred Circle Dance mailing list. 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 7-9pm, Naked Bliss Dance, Sam Bean

Soma dance portland:

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